About us

Some facts about Agrarian country “India”

Which induced us to take this initiative

  • As per the 2010 FAO [Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations] world agriculture statistics, India is the world's largest producer of many fresh fruits and vegetable, major spices, staples such as millets, the world's major food staples etc.
  • India ranks second in agricultural output and India is in top five positions for about 80 percent of products produced from farm
  • About 50 percent people of India are dependent on agriculture for their daily expenses. Almost every type of food grains are produced by Indian farmers

Time Speaks

“Farmer’s son will no more will be farmer”

In our recent survey we got one disheartening fact that.

99 % Farmers are not willing their children to take agriculture as a major source of income / Occupation… many of them are putting it in a second priority for their children..

Many farmers are selling their farms to educate their children for professional courses other than agriculture.

If this keep happening then those days are not so far where we all have to import Fruits, Vegies , grains etc. from other countries and will have to pay heavy price for that.

Reasons are-

  • Non profitability
  • Lack of water resources
  • Perishability of final output due to elongated chain of retailers with Taxes between Farmers & consumers
  • Lack of advance farming education programmes
  • Lack of Motivation

Increased Farmer suicides

Maharashtra is by far the epicentre of the crisis, with over 10,000 recorded farm suicides between 2011 and 2013. This year, the Marathwada region alone has seen over 200 farmer suicides in just three month.According to figures from the Ministry of Agriculture

Our working style

“Cross the bridge when come to it..” is the attitude we carry while we are relentlessly serving our customers by doing direct supply from Farmers to our tied up retailers, Local shops, without interference of wholesalers chain.